Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Performance Review: Peak Rising Flames

If you are looking for a pair of cheap kicks, you may want to check out Zilingo PH. That's the site where I was able to get a pair of the Peak Rising Flames.

At that time, when it was first released the price of these kicks were at 1,560 pesos, but today I think they now retail for 2,140 at 40% off.

Anyway, back to the review these kicks are definitely for bigmen as they are quite heavy, lack court feel and is a little bit restrictive due to the support. The materials are not something to really brag about as they are what they are and over all the kicks serve their purpose, a get the job done, inexpensive pair of kicks.

Here is our review:

These do come in more colorways just incase you are looking to cop. Would you get a pair? Sound off in the comments below.

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