Sunday, February 24, 2019

Performance Review: Fila Spaghetti Low

As a kid growing up on the 90's, sometimes I just can't help but get very nostalgic on some retro kicks that come out, especially the ones I missed out on as a kid with no cash.

While, not a fan of Filas before, I was still well aware of their products and athletes during their heydays in basketball and particularly the NBA. Everyone one was swooning over Grant Hill and his GH line in Fila. However, there were other athletes like Jerry Stackhouse and Jamal Mashburn in the fold as well.

Now, when an opportunity cam and I saw these Fila Spaghetti Lows on sale at Zalora, I didn't think twice in copping a pair and reviewing them for both your and my pleasure.

Catch my review below.

While, it did not have the same performance features as those released in the US and Europe, it still brought a great sense of nostalgia to me and at a low price point I might add. But as far as performance goes, these would be better suited for the gym and as a lifestyle pair of kicks.

Has anyone of you got a pair? Would your consider rocking these? Sound off in the comments section below.

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