Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Performance Review: Adidas Explosive Bounce 2018

With Adidas bringing out its new line-up of basketball shoes, it seems like Bounce has become the generic cushion of choice. In their current line-up we see that currently only the Harden Vol 3 has Boost, the releases of the Mad Bounce 2018, Pro Bounce and even the DRose 9 all saw the same full length Bounce cushion.

In line with all that we take a look at one of the first bounce releases prior to the upcoming NBA season, and we have the budget friendly Explosive Bounce 2018.

Check out our review below:

With a bang for your buck basic pair of kicks, the Explosive Bounce is definitely a joy to play in both indoor and outdoor, and something you can rock hard given the price point.

The Adidas Explosive Bounce retails at 5,000 pesos, but can be had at 20% off making it 4,000 pesos at Zalora when they have a sale. (These were on sale in Zalora when they first released by the way).

So what do you think of the current Adidas lineup, do you think they made the right decision making Bounce their generic cushion for basketball, and would you like to get a review of the other kicks in the Bounce lineup? Sound off below.

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