Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kicks from Sodexo

As a full-time employee, I too was able to enjoy the benefits of working in the corporate world and working with officemates.

One of my favorite benefits is receiving Sodexo Gift Certificates. As part of last year's holiday season, not only did I receive these gift certificates from my office but it was also what I've requested to receive from my kris-cringle.

In addition to that, my sister who also works in the corporate world opted to give me as a Christmas gift the Sodexo Gift Certificates she received.

Sodexo Premium Pass

Now, imagine me a start up blogger/vlogger who wants to build a following doing shoe reviews would need a significant amount of investment as I would at the start have to purchase most if not all the items I review in this blog. So thankfully I was able to gather up more than enough Sodexo Gift Certificates to be able to acquire at least one pair of shoes that I could review.

Behold, I was able to get a pair of the Adidas Alpha Bounce RC from The Athlete's Foot worth 4,295 pesos and a couple other items to boot. This was at around January of this year when they just came out.

Here is the review of the pair of kicks I was able to get back then.

This was by far my most rewarding experience is using Sodexo Gift Certificate as it not only help fuel my blog but at get me a great pair of kicks.

What makes Sodexo Gift Certificates the perfect holiday gift is that it can almost be considered as money as it doesn't have any expiration as you can have them revalidated and replaced at no charge,  so you can collect and add them up. What's more is that it can also be used across a multitude of shops and restaurants, even for travel and fuel. You can check out where you can use your Sodexo Gift Certificates here.

Personally if I would be receiving Sodexo GC's this season, I would start taking a look at some of my favorite shops such as Toby's Sport, RUNNR, The Athlete's Foot, Planet Sports, Nike Stadium, Sportshouse, etc to check out what are the latest kicks I can use and review for this blog.

The know more about the Sodexo Premium Pass you can visit their website and get started on one of the most rewarding experiences this season.


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