Thursday, September 28, 2017

Performance Review: Nike React HyperDunk 2017

Nike has created what they dub as a new revolutionary new foam which they debuted on their latest versions of the HyperDunk and the Jordan Superfly lines. The new cushion as its name states would provide better reaction and responsiveness while providing cushion and also would have better durability while also not bottoming out quickly.

For our review we chose to ride with the HyperDunk 2017 Low as it is the least expensive among the bunch which all have the same elements such as the traction and cushion. The difference will mostly be among the materials of the upper.

Here is our review:

Do you have a pair of the HyperDunk 2017? Which version do you have and what can you say about the new React cushion? Hit us up at the comments section below.

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