Sunday, January 29, 2017

Performance Review: Peak "Rising Star" Outdoor Basketball Shoe

I'm sure everyone knows by now that our very own PBA gunner Terrence Romeo was signed by sporting brand Peak to an endorsement deal, and ever since we have been clamoring about the kicks that he would rock on the court.

While, he has been rocking a different yet similar model on court as seen in the image below from

"Rising Star" with patent leather toe box

Below are the kicks that he was endorsing when he signed his contract, the image also from You can see that they have the same tooling for their outsole, and the materials on the upper are what makes the difference.

"Rising Star" with mesh upper

Check out our review of the "Rising Star" Outdoor here:

I was able to acquire this pair from Olympic World in Trinoma at 2,995 php.

Have you guys bought and balled in a pair? Let us in the comment section below.


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