Sunday, December 11, 2016

Performance Review: Air Jordan XXXI

The Air Jordan line has been synonymous with two things, performance and retros. But of course at Kicks Mo 'To we are more concerned about the performance part of the kicks.

We we're able to get a pair of Jordan 31s and of course it would be a sin not to review it.

*These do cost more and are harder to get compared to the usual kicks we review but it's one of those kicks you have to get and review.

Here's our review:

While some of the performance in the kicks did suffer, you still got to give it to Jordan Brand for innovation and trying to do something new, and if it is also another thing, you know that I would get better from here. We are just hoping that Jordan Brand follows suit to some of the other Nike products that have slashed their prices.

Hope you enjoyed the review and if you played in these guys, share your experiences at the comment section below.

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