Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ask KMT: Which budget running shoe should I purchase?

A friend of mine asked if they could get some advice on getting a running shoe on a budget or discount.

Kicks Mo 'To is always ready to help.

We started off with knowing if our friend already did a gait test, as this is the best way to see what kind of running shoe would best fit his running style. This will also provide us with the information on which kicks to recommend.

Luckily, not only did RUNNR at BGC Highstreet have gait test capabilities but they also had a current shoe sale going on.

Checking the gait test results

After getting the results, the person who assisted us advised that the best kicks for our friend was between the stability and neutral types of running shoes, as it was established that our friend was a heel striker and was overpronated.

Then here comes the good part, checking out the available kicks.

We also checked out other stores in the area such as Planet Sports, The Athlete's Foot and Nike Park. But the discounted kicks at RUNNR was too difficult to pass up.

Adidas Supernova 7 Glide Boost
Finally, our friend choose the Adidas Supernova Glide 7 Boost, not only because it was on sale at 40% off bringing the price down to 3,597 PHP, but also it addressed his needs for a stable, cushioned and durable shoe.

The consultation was a success and our friend came home not only happy with a new pair of kicks, but was also able to get it in a budget and able to address all his performance needs.

Are you looking for advise on which performance kicks to buy? Drop us a comment and we could help you find the perfect pair.

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